Monday, January 18, 2010

A Winter's Prayer

My leaves have all curled
 and fallen to the ground
 my weather worn bark
 has split its seams
I am covered with
 the tiniest of snowcrystals
making a chilly deposit
on each of my
once glorious branches

Let me have this time
of solace and reflection
to replenish all that has been lost
when the sparrows have left
and their songs
no longer enchant my soul
may I have that memory
to bring me forward
may I have that memory
while I slumber

Let me take this time
to gather my visions
for tomorrow's new dawn
will bring change and warmth
the buds of my leaves
will come forth and
raise their hearts to the light
of the glorious sun
until then
 let my heart
be conent
let my dreams
be calm
 my will strong
until God's  light
brings beauty's rest
to a close

1 comment:

  1. You have so many talents. Your words are beautiful and so are the photos.