Monday, March 29, 2010


Paulo Coelho:

“Trust and start walking. We are not alone in the dark; our path will unfold as we move.”
Thank you and Amen!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Divine Intervention

It's funny how things work sometimes.  You want to go in one direction, and you are pulled in another.  Or, the best laid plans simply just don't go your way.  Maybe you try to make something work, stick it out and give it your best shot, only to see it crumble to the ground.

Today is one of those days for me. I have been told that I am not good enough (in so many words).  That I simply am not meeting expectations and seem unhappy.  Well, the answer is yes, I am unhappy with where I am right now.  I am unhappy that I am pouring sweat and tears into a company that sees no value in what I am putting forth.  There was a point that I would have been the ultimate "company gal" but, really, that would have required me to become someone that I am not.  A person that put stock in the status quo and did exactly as I was told, even if it didn't sit well with me.  In the past, I would have been her...but today, I simply cannot be that gal.  Even if I tried.  Don't get me wrong, for I have learned so many things at this place.  For that I am greatful because they have shown me what not to do in many circumstances.  And those lessons are invaluable.  I have also learned that I am worth more than I have been given credit for and that my talents have lied dormant for way too long.  It is time to spread my wings.

I have found the satisfaction of working for myself.  For making the decisions, good or bad, the way that I would see fit.  I am unafraid of hard work...I have worked that way for all of my life.  It's just that now, I don't want to kill my self every day and be treated like I am unworthy of more.  That attitude no longer fits into my psyche, and I will no longer accept second best because that is the safe way to go. 

So, I am making my plans to be everything that I know I can be.  I will work hard, and ask for a little divine intervention to help me along the way.  Please, dear Angels, help me to be strong, to be all that I can be and to know when it is the best time to make it on my own.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my!

Lion Pictures

This is my second time in a week dreaming of lions.  The first time, I was at a hotel and needed to get to my room on the fourth floor.  Room 413 was a suite room and as I opened the door there was a great chasm in the floor with a lion on the ledge across from me roaring in all his might.  Scared, I closed the door.

This second time was a bit different in nature, yet disturbing as well.  I was a someone's house, a man's house and it was decidedly grey outside, like at dusk.  I was doing the dishes and happened to look out the window.  There was nothing there, yet something had drawn me outside into the unfamiliar street.  I tried to remember where I needed to return to, since this place was unknown and looked at the houses to mark a point of reference.  The house that I had come from jutted out into the street...easy enough to remember.  As I turned around a great lion came bounding up with what looked like shaving cream on his mane (or he was rabid, but they don't get rabid, do they?) and he shouted in full voice "Are you ready now?".  Then poof, he was gone. 

Ready for what?  They never tell you the details do they?  Always leaving you to solve the mystery.

Lions as animal totems are symbols for the following:
In the dream state they are reconning to bring balance to your lives with the lion and the lioness bearing the opposing aspects of the sun and moon. 
It's true, I need balance in my life.  I have been working at a regular FT job and growing my business along with house, marriage, family and friends.  And yes, I am tired.  I just wish I knew what the lion was talking about so that I could answer him the next time that he appears.