Friday, February 26, 2010

The Foot Print of the Soul

Wizard Robe, avaialble at
Have you ever tought that your soul could have a footprint?  A specific set of markings imprinted over lifetimes in this and other worlds, all shaping what your life is like at this very moment.  Could it be possible that as some things are left to chance, others are locked into place by old energies attached to our spirits from the past?

Not long ago, I had a dream about a man that likened himself to an alchemist or a wizard.  He was incredibly tall and had a rather rogue like appearance, veiling himself in layers of dusty old robes.  His head was covered with a hood giving me only the smallest glances at his ghastly apperance   For this, I was greatful.  Quite possibly, I was a child at this point, as this would explain his large stature as an imposing persona.  Or, was it his dark power that made all things seem imposing and cloaked in mystery?  After some conversation with this man in his room of potions and alchemy, none of which I can recount, he brought out a robe made of what looked like burlap, but much softer in nature.  Possibly an ancient cloth that no longer exists in this modern time.  On this hooded robe were painted symbols...none of which I could read or understand except in knowing that it possessed some great power and dark magic.  It was old and fragile, yet incredibly well made, looking as if master craftsmen wove each fiber with ancient wisdom, magic and alchemy.  This robe was a present for me to wear, and he pressed me to accept it and put it on.  Yet, I could not.  I felt the ominous power of the robe, the room, the man wizard and I could not take the ancient cloth as my own.  I turned and ran towards an opening in the wall as if passing through a time capsule and then I was gone.

Some might say that I have been watching too much Harry Potter lately, but in reality this dream was a flash backward...a brief slice of my past in a life that now is foreign to me except in the makeup of my DNA.   I have many dreams of the common variety as many do, yet there are some that have a characteristic difference from this conventional purging of the brain and daily junk.  Some dreams are very real.  They are portals to another world (or worlds), giving us the ability to travel backwards and forwards sheerly by the power of our spirit.  They open possibilities to see the imprint of our souls and the actions that have been taken to shape our inner psyche today.  Unfortunately, many times these snippits of visionary aptitude are clouded by the fogginess of our daily lives or circumstance,  or even quite possibly by neccessity since the whole truth of the past would change our future in an adverse way.  In any case, these sometimes confusing slide shows are meant to show us a very real part of what has shaped us today.

What have your dreams revealed to you lately?

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  1. I keep dreaming about the same house. I enter the sames rooms sometimes, but other times I venture behind doors I've never previously opened. Each room is different and so real that I've drawn/painted them in great detail. It's an on-going dream and I've been having it for years and years. But as for revelation...none I can even imagine. It's just like a journey/mystery, this house.