Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Prayer for Help

As this year comes to a close and a new year is about to shine it's first rays of promise, I have been gently reminded that many of us...even the ones that have a direct phone a friend line to God... seek grace and direction. We are all so busy in our daily layers of life that often times we forget to ask for help. I know that many of us don't, or better yet, can't ask for help because it follows suit with failure or a sense of not being able to accomplish everything that us "SuperWomen" say we can. Yet, through the act of simply asking for help, we reap the greatest of rewards.
I often laugh because I truthfully think that God has the sweetest sense of humor. It is in our times of rushing or crossing those all important items off of our lists that we find out just what a trickster he can be. I'll give an example...many times, I am looking for a gemstone or a metal piece that I need to complete an order...usually in a rush because, well, there are things to do people! In my frustration and haste, when I have looked in the same place like a million times knowing that is where the all important piece to my puzzle resides, I shift my gaze upwards with a haughty glance and say"Ok, I know that you know where it is, please help me find it". Then I walk away to take a look in a place that I know where it won't be only to come back and see my little puzzle piece laying right on top of my strewn out supplies. Coincidence? I think not!
I believe that this metaphor applies in all levels of our lives. It seems simple, too simple really, to have the "ask and ye shall receive" principle at play in our daily lives. But, in truth, if what we seek is for our best and highest good, God will provide no questions asked.

Here is a gentle prayer to ask for help, just when you need it:

Please, help me find what I seek
in the corners and the dark places
light my path
help me to open my heart
and receive your
divine intervention
open my eyes
when I have closed them shut
let me hear
when I have silenced
all possibility
help me to know
when I feel that
truth has escaped me
I ask for your
help to bring this
into my life
for my better and higher good
let your will be done

Ask fervently and with purpose. 

God is listening.

1 comment:

  1. He is listening indeed.

    If God helps you,
    None can overcome you;
    If He should forsake you,
    Who is there, after that,
    Who could help you?